Sunday, December 17, 2006

People, Not Hard Drives

I had a rapturous day yesterday when a wonderful guy came from the Geek Squad and recovered a whole bunch of my old hard drive, including my i-Tunes folder.

Gloom and doom returned this morning when I sat down to do some work and realized that we are still missing the most important set of files of all -- the worship files. Augh! I will call him back for another visit and keep my fingers crossed!!

Thanks for all your sweet and helpful comments. It's been highly stressful and inconvenient.

It was so good to be in church this morning. For some reason, everyone was in high sassy form and coming out with one hilarious crack after the next. One of my congregants is building a house in California on his son's property, and is preparing to move out there. This makes me excessively sad, so I tried not to be jubilant when he said that there was some kind of building delay. I said I was sorry, and he said with a smile but totally deadpan,"It's okay. I'm going to drink to excess."

I know this isn't funny if you have substance abuse issues or you're a very politically correct type, but if you knew this man and knew how perpetually elegant and gracious and sober and appropriate he is, you would have doubled over like I did.

Santa made a visit to coffee hour and gave me a big hug, and my DRE's youngest daughter kept throwing her arms around my waist. Someone brought a beautiful 12-day old baby for us to marvel at, and someone else brought her mom, a friendly soul who looks a lot like my grandmother. A few children sang a beautiful song about Peace, backed up by three gentle and lovely female adult choir members, and a newcomer mother whose son is in Iraq made the acquaintance of another couple of military moms, and they're going to look after her.

So being in church was a balm to my computer-weary soul, and I just didn't care about the bloody harddrive.

Yesterday I got a beautiful letter from artist Janet McKenzie thanking me for saying nice things in a sermon about her painting "Jesus of the People." She sent me a calendar and a note card with more of her art on it, and basically made me cry. I said it before and I'll say it again, Google is a wonderful thing.

Despite all the computer stupidity, I just have to say in my best Jimmy Stewart voice, "It's a Wonderful Life."


Anonymous Mary Ann said...

I am so glad-- and I hope that more can be retrieved.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the Janet McKenzie link. Your words and her art really helped me process a few things today.


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