Thursday, December 14, 2006


Hi friends,

My hard drive is under warranty, so Dell's sending out a new one.

No word yet as to whether there will be any kind of resurrection experience of old data from the dead drive. Hey, but Sunday is St. Lazarus' Day -- maybe I should have my PC doc try it THEN?
Is it too late in the week to start a novena cycle?

P.S. Dell tells me that I have a super Burn You Up battery in my computer that is being recalled. If you have a Dell, you might want to look into this. We would be very sad if you spontaneously combusted along with your life's work. Be careful out there!


Blogger Jaume said...

Yes, batteries from different laptop companies (not only Dell) were recalled a few months ago. The change is for free. People need to go to their provider's website and check the serial number --only a small fraction of batteries are affected by the burning problem.


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