Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bits of Scripture

Today in class we did a wonderful thing as part of a Communion Service.

Our professors asked us all to bring a short Scripture passage and to prepare about 45 seconds of explanation as to why it is important to us.

In lieu of a homily, people jumped in as the Spirit moved them and read their selections. It was just great. We had Micah and Jeremiah, and Corinthians, Ephesians, Romans. Matthew, Luke, John, The Book of Esther, the Song of Songs. Genesis. One of the Psalms.

I hadn't realized until then that I have fallen in love with Scripture in the past few years. Hearing all those bits and pieces was like making out with God. My heart fluttered like a besotted fool.

I still feel a little dopey about it, and am going to go to bed early with the Good Book.

There must be a Mae West or Sophie Tucker joke in there somewhere, but I can't think of it!

Anyway, it was a great exercise and you should steal it all the time.


Blogger Ian said...

"Why don't ya, come up and read me sometime?"

or maybe....

"Peel me a grape...and some bread with a side of scripture."

OK, someone else can do better.

Anonymous Mary Ann said...

Yup-- and don't you love how later writers argue with earlier ones, or play with their writings? It's the library that sings to itself!

What a pity that we ever decided it was The Book of Flat acts, instead of a continuing, multi-generational love story....

Mary Ann


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