Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hard Drive Death

PeaceBang's computer died the death this morning.

The hard drive seems to be gone.

PeaceBang has had a rocky relationship with her Dell Inspiron since the beginning. She is thinking she run back into the arms of Mac.

Mac doesn't have so many viruses and problems, and is generally snazzier and more fun.

This is pretty terrible. Everything is backed up except for the exam and paper due in the morning. And Christmas Eve's liturgy. All my PB files are on CD's, as are 99% of my sermons, doctoral work, and correspondence. My i-Pod is updated as of last night, and photos are all saved and uploaded to Snapfish.

Ach. What can you do?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yellow pages, babe -- find a hard drive rescuer. Was astonished to get everything, meaning everything, back in less than one day! Hope for your paper yet?! Couldn't save the computer, though. He even got stuff off the hard-drives on the broken-down computers stored in the garage! Seriously, whatever the long term needs of replacement -- there are these lovely geeks in every town.

Blogger Ellis said...

Oh, that sucks bunches. Good luck; I hope your prof is forgiving.

Anonymous Jess said...

Just what you need, right?

But if you get a Mac mini, you can use the same screen and keyboard and mouse you already have. ;-)

Anonymous Mary Ann said...

Thank heavens you've been as uncommonly diligent as you have with backing up. And what a horror to lose such important things you need so soon.

It might be worth taking the hard drive to a computer dude-- perhaps Geek Patrol. Material on hard drives can often be retrieved.

Mary Ann

Blogger ms. kitty said...

PB, I recently got a MacBook (I've always been a Mac lover) and because of my previous teaching career, I got a big discount! See what you can finagle. You've been a teacher too, right?

I got it through The Apple Store at a nearby mall. The Mac Store was not going to be as generous. I also got Microsoft Office for Mac with a large discount.

And I totally agree---------Mac is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE (apologies to the gospel writers).

Blogger Nathan DeMay said...

Return to Mac; though you have strayed through the valley of Windows, we still love you in the land of OSX.

Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

If you have an email account that can be accessed via the web, one thing you can do if you are working on something is send every updated version to yourself via email. But I guess it's too late for that.

That sucks. I'm sorry!

Blogger Wally Nut said...

I am truely impressed with your practice of backing up. I would have to say that the vast, vast majority of computer users, even many who do something with computers in their line of work, do not do so adequately. The only thing you can be sure about a hard drive, any hard drive, is that it will eventually crash. You might enjoy this little joke.

Blogger Jaume said...

Check this article to try to extract that 1% of dat from your dead computer:

Blogger Mrs. M said...

Just stopping in to offer my sympathies.


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