Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Contest

Originally uploaded by Peacebang.
Simply this:

Peacebang will personally pay you five bucks for every time you can work the expression "moisturizes my situation" into your professional conversations.

If you're a religious leader, ten bucks.

Once again we have PlanetDan to thank for this recent hilarity.


Blogger fausto said...

I was so overwhelmed with emotion when I learned about the amazing generosity of your $5 offer that I moisturized my situation.

Blogger Peregrinato said...

And yet aren't we supposed to be oriented toward creating a beloved community? If all I think about is me, my situation, my moisture, if all I can care about is when something moisturizes my situation, my ego is taking over. There may be a blessing when something moisturizes my situation, but it is our situation I have to consider, our moisture. If the sole merit of blessing is when it moisturizes my situation, then I must admit that someone's life elsewhere is parched. Theologians like to discuss humectant pneumatology, and the leading authority (Saint Aveda) calls us to consider the humectant potential of the community of faith. Let it be said that we fight for what moisturizes OUR situation, what provides the dewdrops of grace in an arid world. Then we can know that what moisturizes my situation is a blessing for my friend, my neighbor, even my enemy, and together we grow from aridity to moisture.

Okay missy. Pay up.

Anonymous Scott Wells said...

At my Day Job we use a different P. Diddy-ism for real, to encourage one another to maintain professional standards. Used in the second-person imperitive: "Preserve the sexy."

As in: "Lunch's over. Let's get back to work. Preserve the sexy."

Oh, I'll use this term in my Day Job, and won't even ask for the cash. (A warm bed next weekend will do.)

Anonymous Catherine said...

I haven't been able to post comments in forever (Eblogger was being weird), but I wanted to comment on this because "moisturizes my situation" is the single dirtiest, funniest quote I have ever read. Bravo!


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