Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Mean Girls!!

A very mean and very funny girlfriend of mine did an image google of me and alerted me tonight to the fact that there are several profoundly heinous photos of me out in cyber-land!! THANKS, M!!!

Most of these shots feature what we call in our family Phatfacia Stupenda (the origins of that expression are from a salad plate which I don't have time to describe to you). My friend's comment: "Baby, I know you don't have but two chins -- how come you got four in all those pictchas?"

Our favoritest one shows me preaching at a conference. It's a series of photos to which my reaction was, "Oh, those people are so inclusive. Look, they let Jo Jo The Dog-Faced Boy address their convocation!!"

ohmigod. With friends like that...

Note to self: Create a virus that eradicates all images of Peacebang from the public domain. Replace with images of, um, Kathy Najimy or Meghan Mullaly (BITB, you're not the only one who's made that latter comparison of late).

P.S. I did see "Mean Girls" recently and thought it was funny and charming. Great writing by Tina Faye, who still wears glasses better than any other smart girl out there.


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