Sunday, April 17, 2005

Bummer Earth

It finally happened:

I had to print out my homily in 14 point font this morning. These preaching eyes is getting old.

Anyway, it's a little Earth Day tribute I call "Bummer Earth." Mother Earth has retired and moved to Boca. She hired Bummer Earth to replace her.

"Bummer Earth isn't content with bumper stickers that say things like, 'God is Coming And Boy Is She Mad' or even (and I actually saw this the other day on a Ford Explorer), 'No Blood For Oil.' Bummer Earth doesn't care about our bumper stickers - -Bummer Earth wants to slash our tires and make us walk and bike everywhere. Bummer Earth has had it."

This is artist T-Man Sam's beautiful crazy vision for Bummer Earth, which he created just to inspire my homily. Because he is that awesome. I just ordered an 8x10 of it from Snapfish, and it's coming to church with me this morning:

v- bummah earth coll Vic (2)


Anonymous Parisa said...

Welcome to the home for the aged preachers. We need someone with your fashion sense around here.

I've been printing my sermons in 14 point since last fall, when I realized more pages was a small price to pay for being able to look quickly at the thing so I can look back at my wonderful congregation sooner.

Anonymous soul food said...

Wait another decade -- you'll be printing those sermons in 16 font like I do!

Bummer Earth is not happy... do I still get the t-shirt?

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Soul Food, I dain't know who ye are!

Stay tuned for more T-man Art! My other favorite says, "REASON OVER PASSION OVER REASON" and I just had it made into a note pad!

Anonymous Philocrites said...

Wow. I always printed my sermons in 16-point with 3 inch bottom margins. It made it much easier to keep my place and not look down so much, although it also meant that a sermon manuscript took more than a dozen pages. You've all been delivering sermons from 12-point manuscripts all these years? Amazing!

Blogger Peregrinato said...

I've always printed my, both of at least 14 pt, generous leading (that's spacing between lines), arial (or other sans serif font)--in short, clean and easy on the eyes.

Anonymous RevThom said...

I'm late twenties and don't wear glasses... but I've used 14-point Arial double spaced with three inch margins at the bottom for years.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

I'm in the big type club. I gave my first and only lay-led sermon when I was something like 23. My glasses are for distance, yet still I printed it out in something like 16 or 18 point type so I didn't have to look down much.


Blogger T-man-Sam_former Visigoth and musical Goddess said...

Bummah Earth exploding Cosmos.... Or Mother Earth has no panties! (heh heh the King has no clothes-would be sexist)

Bot left ... why haven't any of you terrifically smart people noticed the PEACEBANG.... an intended peacebang instead of Big
Bang explosion... suits the sermon.

Bummah Earth indeed!
Image reads left to right -top-bot.
Naive pic- innocence peace love and understanding idyllic Man captures the Sun..-top left-...butterflies are free. Music of life peace and harmon(instruments) man's passions and spirituality --this image is an earth devotional-- Kind of Man's identity marker... "What's so funny about peace love and understanding!" (Nick Lowe-Elvis Costello)... and music of chance.

some foreboding rage. Lovely set of Earths-mid right top-... then corrupting Saturn and Jupiter rising turning on axis-(axees?)

Whales (upper right) our smartest Mammals panicked!! Whale alert!

Gotta have Nemo!! Saving Little Nemo and his pals in an uproar (My neph Luca's vision/artwork (he's 7).-Bott left on top of Mars surface.....

Cosmos out of kilter.
Gotta luv that heroic Little Nemo though!

Plenty of Duality's... my brain vs. your interpretation.... Fem brain vs male brain (PB commissioned a work and received this-?-...expand upon this young lady!)

kid vs kid vs man brain
Luca's 'Little Nemos' vs. Michela's brain! On right top Middle earth shows North America. Directly below it Earth is being
covered up by Michela's brain who was 10 at the time and did that artwork.
(* I asked Michela; ...."Is my brain different than yours? Are men and women's brains different?" Her answer was an empathic
yes! She thought I was a moron.. "Like everyone knows that, T-Man!"

So I asked her to paint her brain... and it is eating up the earth!) .. Michela's now a hormonally supercharged 13 year old who would now just ignore me and say "You're so boring!" ... different mindsets for sure! But I was prescient and right in predicting that one day Michela's brain and her exploding pituitary would swallow up the earth! Man-wtf- Teen kids not only own the mall they own the world
now..we have given it up to them.

Cosmos collide interconnection of earth, Universe and galaxies--THE BIG PICTURE-- what is happening???

A vision of Christ presiding or in cruciform -centered-faith-... Is it a proclamation of re-birth or second coming....the Rapture??? Christ centred for a reason...

Then angry bummah earth tailing off exploding warnings etc in lower right corner. very tsunamic.

Ummh wholly open to your interpretation!

Peacebang had written me: "Hey -- I totally have a commission for you, dude. I am going to be speaking this coming Sunday
about the moral imperative to environmentalism and I am calling my talk "BUMMER EARTH," as opposed to cute, nurturing
other Earth."
I responded,
"Pbang I contained some beautiful images of the earth and the Cosmos to tie everything together but also folks can get the big
perspective re:environmentalism... And Why should we frig up such a beautiful creation!-- I was initially just going to do an
Earth as a mess thingy! (..and the four horsemen of the apocalypse has already been done over and well as people
on the life raft).

So Chalice, Philo, the Rev Tom and Perigrene et al.... does it work, are you inspired?? Maybe you can ponder the fate of the earth while waiting for the white puff of smoke?
As for me.... It's late and I have to have a white puff of smoke before bedtime.


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