Saturday, September 23, 2006


Has anyone taken a budget vacation to Guatemala or Costa Rica? Any suggestions or cautions? We two reverend gal pals are considering volcanic settings, including this one:

I am concerned that the altitude might give me panic attacks, because I had a hard time breathing in Mexico City. The pollution there didn't help, of course.

Thanks for any tips.


Blogger John said...

Why don't you go to Nicaragua. There are some lovely places there. Selva negra is great as is Masada and Grenada. On altitude, if you just remember to breathe you will be OK. There is less oxygen in the air, so you just have to think to breathe.

I've been to Costa Rica, but not Guatemala. El Salvador is good as is Nicaragua.

Blogger Pink Shoes said...

Feel free to email me; I was there in 2001.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Thanks, John C. But my pal is set on Guatemala and we're buying our tickets tomorrow. Maybe some other time I'll get to see Nicaragua.

Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

I visited Guatemela last September. I spent approximately $400 there, and this included housing, all meals, travel within the country, and four hours of Spanish lessons every week day.

I went to Lake Atitlan on a weekend by myself. It is beautiful. I know a really amazing place to stay. Expensive by Guatemalan standards ($12 a night for a room), but amazing. Like an elf village. Have never seen anything like it. Let me know if you want the info.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

HS,you are my personal travel fairy! You gave me a great hotel in Madrid, so I would love to get your G'mala recommendations!


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