Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Studio 60" - And PeaceBang Yawned

I just watched the first fifteen minutes of the much-hyped "Studio 60," and it made me go bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech.

I hate this kind of overwrought faux-Paddy Chayevsky kind of stuff.

I stopped watching "West Wing" when it got like this: all glossy and self-important and written as though manic, fast-talking people are, by definition, dramatically interesting. Every character a stereotype. Lots and lots of heavy-handed monologues.

My great joy tonight -- and a real luxury -- was to watch a few of last season's episodes of "Project Runway" and to see what the Santino thing was all about.

I don't think you can compare Santino's cheerful misanthropy with Jeffrey's truly vile, hateful malice. Also, Santino had loads of talent. Jeffrey, miniscule talent and major swelled head. As some wag suggested, that tattoo around his neck should read, "Squeeze here."

Based on the cutest Pet Smart commercial of all time, I am now dreaming about having a little smooth-headed dachsund. I would name him Tim Gunn and we would go for walks during which I would tell him to "make it work."


Blogger Quotidian Grace said...

Oh, yes, get a dachsie. We love our Gretel The Noble Dog, now 14. She loves to watch Project Runway. Actually, she'll watch anything just to sit by you. She'll also eat anything.

Blogger Obijuan said...

Studio 60 - give it a chance. The first fifteen minutes were a tad over the top, yes. But the Matthew Perry/Bradley Whitford tag team is fun to watch (I enjoyed their moments together on West Wing).

Blogger Caroline Divine said...

I adore Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme, but Studio 60 was just plain boring and confusing (if the two can happen at once) and after under 10 minutes, I was outathere.

By the way -- West Wing got bad *after* Aaron was booted out (and I think Tom S also left at that time). So he's not to blame. But the new crew redeemed itself in the final season, I thought. Or maybe I just wish we could have either Alan Alda or Jimmy Smits for president.

Glad we agree on Jeff, PB. (By the way, YOU got me into Project Runway; I never watched it before reading you. I got hooked on a night that had four or five in a row including the one with the mothers and sisters. I couldn't believe they kept Jeff and kicked out the other guy just because he wasn't imaginative enough.) Now if I could just remember everybody's name...

No time even to read blogs these days -- I've been in the land of the 70 hour work week. Not good. And haven't see Project Runway this week either. Waaaaah.

I'm yawning with you.

Blogger Jamie Goodwin said...

Studio 60? Loved It.

The overly dramatic, glossy, fast talking style is exactly what I get into.

Project Runway.. ehh.. to each their own I guess


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