Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lord, Help Me Find a Spa That's Open On Mondays

So I'm desperately googling area spas and health care centers trying to find someone who could massage me achin' bod tomorrow, and maybe even throw some of those flat, hot stones at my back. Hard. Until I cry.

I am about five minutes and one bad laundry basket lift away from totally throwing out my lower back. It's aching like mad. I haven't worked out in weeks and have mostly had my big butt in a chair writing worship services or been on my feet in heels leading worship and greeting folks. Not very holistic. I feel like hell, frankly, although I am proud of the fact that there aren't dirty dishes in the sink and the cat box is clean. And that I got my newsletter column in on time.


Blogger Berrysmom said...

After you find the spa for tomorrow and get yourself out of immediate danger, find a massage therapist and make regular appointments. You can't do this on an emergency basis; you have to take care of your bod all the time. Berry's Dad and I each get a professional massage once a month. Even back in the bad old days when we couldn't afford it, we did it anyway, and drank cheap gin instead. At my first appointment, the maseusse said "Well, you need someone to take care of YOU sometimes, too." I nearly wept.

PB, it's the only bod you got! Be good to it.

Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Chiropractor!!! Regularly! Before you throw your back out as I did this past week because I had missed my monthly chiro appointment three weeks ago.

And I agree with berrysmom about regular massage. Once a month is good.

I have a great chiropractor I can recommend in the Boston area but she's kinda far from you. As for massage therapists, I am sure there is one in your area. Take care of your precious self!

Blogger Chelle said...

since caroline d. brought up going to a chiropractor, may I recommend taking a good Pilates class?

Pilates saved my back, and has continued to save it, since I was required to take a PE course in college. It's great, non/low impact and can help keep you centered.

Whatever you do, take care of your back. Please.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Thank you all for your sweet recommendations. I do have a wonderful chiropractor, and a wonderful massage therapist who doesn't work on Mondays. I don't go for massage as often as I should, but I am serious about self-care. It just shows how insane these past few weeks have been that things have deteriorated this badly.
I am SO grateful to have come into this September with so much good, relaxing and renewing vacation under my belt! My spirit is in good shape; it's the bod that's a mess!


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