Friday, September 15, 2006


Two of my favorite people are turning 40 today and tomorrow.

One is my oldest friend in the world, and the other is a very new friend.

They are both eminently sane but accept me anyway, adorable, loving, smart, supportive and wickedly talented. Both are loyal and easy to be with. Both have steely organizational inner wizards beneath a bubbly, easy-going exteriors. You don't mess with Virgos; most of my best friends in life are Virgos. My first college roommate -- who just turned 40-- was a Virgo, and I am convinced that I would have flunked out with a nervous breakdown if it hadn't been for her groundedness and goodness. Also, Virgos don't coddle you. They say, "I have your schedule in my hand, and here's what you have to do today. Get it together, girl. I know you can." And when they tell you you can, you can. LOVE 'em.

(I'm a Capricorn -- grounded, ambitious -- but with a SCORPIO MOON, which makes me psycho, if you believe such things, and on many days, I do.)

Virgos rock. Happy, happy birthday Mary, Jasmine, Dan H., Julie B., Hafhida.
And happy 40th to Melissa and Michael. Glad you'll be joining me in this great new decade.

xoxo PB


Blogger Joel Monka said...

I, too, am a Virgo, but the only thing I've come to believe that signifies is that January of 1955 was a very cold month.

Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

Thanks, PB. There are so many Virgoans, I think Joel is right about the winter time cuddling.

I read somewhere that Virgo women tend to have difficulty conceiving children. I hope that's not true!

Blogger Jay said...

I turn 40 next weekend. It's like a plague!

I'm a Libra, though. I balance. Or something.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

I'm a Cancer, relaxed and groovy.

Blogger Rev. Sean said...

heh. i'm a scorpio with a scorpio moon and ascendant. yep. triple.

better hope i'm evolving from scorpion to eagle...



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