Friday, September 15, 2006


Just got in from a funeral.
Wrung out.
Sitting reading a catalogue, notice that I am breathing through my open mouth. I only do that when extremely knackered.
Must nap.

Dreamed last night that I bought a little dog in Paris and named him "Jean Lafitte" after the famous pirate. My sister was in the dream. We were running all over Paris.
I love Paris.

I read some NY Times articles and got caught up on the news about the senate struggle against Bush's treatment of detainees. Notice that the Republicans who oppose him are MILITARY VETERANS. Put on my make-up this morning hooting and cussing over the NPR report. Find myself in a mounting fury about this.

Found out that pretzels are 100 calories EACH.
Also discovered that yellow split peas do not take 1.5 hours to cook, no matter what the Naked Chef tells you. They take like 3 hours. And they taste magnificent with lots of sage from the garden cooked in.

Okay. Nap.


Blogger boyinthebands said...

What I do -- soak the peas in their cooking pot. Stick them in the fridge overnight. Drain, top with bioling water from tea kettle. Cook. Saves ages.


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