Friday, September 08, 2006

It Feels Good

Really, is there any better feeling than having your Homecoming sermon and almost all of the service DONE by Friday night?

(P'Town fleurs from our patio)


Blogger Berrysmom said...

Well, Saturday night at 6:09 isn't bad, either. At least now I can have a drink and listen to "Prairie Home Campanion" wih equanimity.

Let's all have a great day tomorrow! Ours is going to be a total dog and pony show--high spirits, but not much 'ligion.

Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Can you explain "Homecoming Sunday" to those of us from old-fashioned liturgical churches? I'm assuming it's a "welcome back everyone, fal is starting and with it a new church year" thing. Yes?

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Blogger Obijuan said...

It felt pretty good to just go to church this weekend, to just sit in the pews.

It's been a long fifty-two weeks.


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