Thursday, September 14, 2006

Can You Explain This Torture News To Me?

The cat, who has never shown any interest in vegetables before, likes organic celery. She can't stop licking my hands, and she's cracking me up.

Too busy to write for awhile, very sorry. Not even caught up on the news, but correct me if I'm wrong: it sounds to me like there's something going on where Bush is basically saying, "If we feel like torturing people and allowing information obtained under that brutal interrogation as evidence, we just will."

Am I getting this right? Are we just skipping gaily past the Geneva Conventions outright, now? Comments? Wanna talk about it? Or would you rather do that on a real political blog and leave me to my funeral services, newsletter column, sermon and assignments for class?


Blogger Peg said...

I would love to talk about it. I think the good news, at least short-term, is that it doesn't appear that GOPers are going to stand rank-and-file with W on this one. Even Colin Powell has shared his views on the matter (although he said something to the effect of "the world is beginning to doubt our moral basis in this fight," and I would ask him to define "beginning").

Blogger ogre said...

Seems like a good place to talk about it. It is, after all, a moral issue--as well as a legal and political one. It's a legal and political one because it's a moral issue, so...

It's immoral, it's illegal, and it's ineffective (that's the stated position of a range of experts, from Amnesty International to ex-FBI agents) -- interrogation works better in terms of the kind and quality of information (as well as the amount of information) when it's approached in a manner which is fundamentally humane.

So... why does Bushco insist on using--and continuing to use--techniques that are relatively ineffective and inefficient, illegal and immoral...

My guess is is boils down to a combination of utter incompetence, ignorance and the desire of those wielding power to bend people to their will. In this case... us. After all, if we're willing to acquiesce to the hideous torture of other human beings, what will we not acquiesce to?


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