Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tiny Cat Teeth

The cat is now snoring on the desk. She is a fat striped muskrat.

I love her excessively, as you know, and am very concerned that the vet wants to put her under while cleaning her teeth.
SisterBang and I think all this professional cleaning stuff is just money-grubbing nonsense, so let me ask you cat people out there in PeaceBang Land:
how do you clean your cat's choppers? If you do at all, I mean?

She mostly eats kibble. And I know she'd very unwillingly let me brush her teeth, but with WHAT?


Blogger fausto said...

The vet isn't soaking you. (Or at least, isn't proposing anything facetious.) It's either let the vet clean her teeth, or let them all fall out (yes, they will; that happened to another cat we had) and switch to wet food, which she can gum a little before swallowing.

As for the need to put her under, how would you like to try to scale a cat's teeth while she was conscious?

At least your vet isn't also recommending an EKG first to see if her heart can handle the anesthesia, like ours did.

Blogger Laura said...

Fausto sounds like he has more experience than I do, but I'm gonna add my two cents, possibly as a supplement to the cleaning, if not an alternative:

Did your vet suggest dental-care cat kibble, since your girl is mostly a kibble eater anyway? Our vet recommended it for one of our girls a year or so ago, and says that she's shown a lot of improvement in her dental health maintenance since then. I don't remember the brand name, unfortunately (note: it's definitely NOT IAMS!), but it's something we have to get directly from the vet and not available at any pet store or feed store. It's got bigger chunks than ordinary cat kibble (looks more like dog kibble, in fact) which I think may be conducive to teeth cleaning in itself, since they have to be crunched more thoroughly.

Both the girls seem to like it even better than their regular ProPlan (we mix it), and the vet has even commented on how good my FELV-positive cat's teeth are, which apparently isn't common for FELV+ kitties (then again, she said last time we were there that she didn't think she'd ever seen an eleven-year-old FELV+ survivor to begin with, so she's something special!).

Blogger Peg said...

Laura, are you referring to a Science Diet formula?

My other thought was Felidae, but that's not exclusively from a vet's office.

P.S. An 11 year old FELV+ kitty? How wonderful!

Blogger Laura said...

I checked: it's Hill's Prescription Diet Feline t/d Dry Food. We mix it with ProPlan Senior kibble.

(Yep. She's a miracle cat. Was diagnosed with FELV when I got her over 9 years ago, and has lived with it ever since. Thought I would lose her at one point--the vet said maybe a month or two with interferon, and that was more than 4 years ago! She's sleek and sassy, and shows few ill effects. I think she just knows how much she means to me.)


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