Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Church Search: Wilton,CT

Christian peeps in the Fairfield County area, this is for you.

An old college buddy with a lovely wife and two kids and a great sense of humor, loads of creative talent and a liberal sensibility is looking for a church home.

I don't think they're sect-specific so much as ISO a loving and vital congregation.

Write in if you can hook my boo up.

PeaceBang, all lamely hip-hop for some reason


Blogger Cynthia said...

The Wilton Congregational Church UCC participates in Habitat for Humanity as part of the Sound Coalition with my church in Monroe, another in Fairfield, and one other UCC church. I've met both pastors (both women!) and they're pretty cool.


Anonymous Kaji said...

Ditto on Wilton Congregational - Brigitta (pronounced the German way with a hard "g" and the "i"s are "ih") Remole is one of the most dynamic pastors around. Of course they're always welcome to worship with us in Darien at the Congregational Church - tell them to look for me if they come!


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