Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Year Of Banjo

The annual banjo festival is here again and I can't believe that I can really actually play the BANJO. Last year when I went, I could only watch in stupidly grinning admiration as these guys, the coolest ever, strummed away:

They sound a million times better in person. The video sound is all wangly.

This year I will bring my own BANJO to the festival and maybe will even JAM with some other musicians like a real BANJO player. Today someone at my music store where I take lessons off-handedly referred to me as a "musician"and I almost dropped my BANJO case.

But really, I am playing now. I am playing real songs and singing along. I can even switch up an octave and then another and get a tiny bit fancy.

If I could someday have my own red shirt and play with the Strutters I would die of happiness.


Blogger ms. kitty said...

Do you play dixieland only? Or do you also play bluegrass? And what kind of banjo do you have, PB?

Blogger CK said...

PB, congrats! Liz & have been taking guitar lessons from the local folk school and just last week had our first performance at a pub, in front of 300 people. Thankfully, or maybe not, the mikes didn't pick up our sound so no one heard us.

But is great to be able to fingerpick songs and feel like there's hope of getting better. It is such a great counterbalance to academics--and I'm guessing that goes the same for you in terms of ministry & studies.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Kitty, I have an antique tenor BANJO and I play ... well, right now I just play chords and do a little bit of picking.

CK and Liz, yay! I am thinking of playing a little song at church in May and am already so nervous I might not do it. You were so brave!
And yes, when I'm playing the banjie I feel totally somewhere else, like my brain is getting an excellent break.

Blogger ms. kitty said...

I love the banjo! No matter what tunes it's playing, the banjo is my favorite acoustic instrument. I had a perfectly lovely boyfriend once who played the banjo and I miss him a lot.

Anonymous Dan said...

hey pb, if ya wanna jam let me know -- i'd be happy to play some rhythm guitar to back you up.


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