Sunday, March 11, 2007

Testosterone-Drenched Movies

In the past week I've seen Scorcese's celebrated film "The Departed" and David Fincher's just-released serial killer crime drama "Zodiac."

"The Departed" was entertaining, but I'm so sorry Scorcese didn't win the Oscar for "Goodfellas," which is by far a superior film. I don't know what to say about "The Departed." Jack Nicholson works hard for his paycheck, Matt Damon is typically earnest and does his best Bah-stahn accent (he's one of the only Hollywood actors who gets it right every time-- even local son Mark Wahlberg seems to waffle in his), and Leo DiCaprio gives a fantastic performance.

There's lots of music. Opera, rock-and-roll, very atmospheric, va-va voom. There's a dull, sexy female character who plays the old gangster's moll kind of role but dressed up in a modern-girl career mode. The only thing missing was for her to either have to run down an alley in a pair of high heels, sobbing all the while, or slapping her lover across the face and calling him a "big galoot."
Lordy, I'm tired of movies that have no female characters in them but this type of broad.

Lots of people get shot. The end of the movie is the kind of bloodbath Thomas Kydd would have loved. You turn off the tv, stretch, yawn, and forget you've seen the flick by the time you're brushing your teeth.

"Zodiac" was so much better. I loved Mark Ruffalo, I loved the integrity of the story, the characters, the fact that something mattered, which I was never motivated to feel by "The Departed."

I'm tired, it's late, I have to go write a church newsletter column now. Seen any good movies lately?


Blogger LT said...

I saw "The Queen" last night. I thought it was excellent. What made it matter to me was that it was a wonderful depiction of the situation that many ministers find themselves in on occasion. We are the stewards of a tradition, and so are often resisting demands for change -- "Why can't we just junk the sermon and have a big circle dance around the sanctuary?" -- and yet, there comes a moment when you do "give in."
Helen Mirren -- super.

Blogger Cynthia said...

"Marie Antoinette": you could almost see Princess Diana's story coming through, though the people never turned on her, just the royal family.

Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

I have to agree that Zodiac was just fantastic .. even at two and a half hours, it never dragged for me, and was just a great police flick

Blogger ElhananWinchester in Pinstripes said...

Hi Peacebang, I am writing from London on my spring break; my wife and I are here on vacation; your blog, as I have mentioned, is one of three that I read daily. It helps me connect to the ground of ultimate being. Plus, it is dang fun and stimulating. We will be viewing a film at the London film Centre this week, although not sure which. Prior to coming to Britain, we screened the Last King of Scotland, Letters frOM Iwo Jima, The Queen, and Black Snake Moan. I'd say my most stimulating of those was Black Snake Moan. The first 30 minutes was very troubling, but if you stick with it through the end, I think you have a film about two wounded people helping each other to find redemption. Good stuff
Now, you need to know that I am wearing Born shoes, jeans,and a 3.oo shirt from the Gap. What do you think?/ I feel pretty good. I hope that you are resting, because you blog is good stuff. i need it, even in Europe.

Blogger ms. kitty said...

I enjoyed "Shut Up and Sing", the documentary about the Dixie Chicks and have posted about it on Ms. Kitty's.

Blogger clairebearkiss said...

i have a couple of things to point out PB; in departed it's matt damon, not matt dillon. and matt damon is from boston, the only youngish fella in the movie not from the area was leo. (you may recall damon and affleck won a screenwriting oscar for "good will hunting" in which he plays a janitor from southie who's also totally brilliant)

and personal opinion-wise, i was also entertained by the departed and was intrigued and confused by that one woman character (i'd like to see more of this actress though). and i am SO with you about wanting to see more in-depth women in acclaimed movies by acclaimed fellows.

thanks for the tip about zodiac, i've been very curious. i saw jake gyllenhaal all over the talk shows the week it was released and realized how much i like him, he's funny and sharp and not too rough on the eyes.

Blogger Mystical Seeker said...

I thought the original movie that "The Departed" was based on was better. It is from Hong Kong, and the English title is "Infernal Affairs". Usually a Hollywood remake is never as good as the original, and this was no exception. Not that I disliked "The Departed", but there was really no point in remaking an excellent movie.

Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

I was really annoyed by the woman in The Departed. I get annoyed when the only point of the "sole" female character in a movie is to be the love interest of a male lead (or worse, to be the love interest of TWO male leads."

Blogger PeaceBang said...

LT, LOVED "The Queen." Clairebear, thanks for the correction.
Elhanan, thanks for the lovely shout-out from across the pond, Cynthia, I disliked "Marie Antoinette" because I had just read the great biography on MA and the flick pales in comparison, Ms.Kitty, I plan to watch the D. Chicks movie.


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