Sunday, February 18, 2007

Coming Out As PeaceBang

I suppose once you've made the cover of the Sunday paper as a blogger, your anonymity is pretty much totally over:

Now, I know that the vast majority of you who read this blog know who I am.
That's fine and that has always been fine.
Since I began this blog well over two years ago, I have always been happy to tell any curious person who I am.

So why do I continue to write anonymously?

Three reasons:

1. PeaceBang is a kind of alter ego for me; a creative outlet as a writer. Certainly at Beauty Tips for Ministers, I write in a "voice" that is a far exaggerated, much more irreverent and silly one than my own. The purpose there is to keep the writing entertaining and over-the-top as a way in to what could be a deadly dull and earnest conversation.

2. Keeping my identifying information off of this blog makes very clear to my readers that I am blogging as myself, not as a part of my parish ministry. PeaceBang offers far more partisan and trenchant commentary on pop culture, politics and society than I tend to bring to my parish ministry work, and certainly to my preaching ministry in the parish. Blogging anonymously assures that no one mistakes PeaceBang's opinions with her specific church.

3. When I started blogging, I looked around to see how other clergy did it. Most of them blogged under nom-de-plumes, and most without offering identifying information, so I followed that model.

Have a beautiful day, PeaceBangers.


Blogger Mama G said...

Yay, Peacebang! That was a very nice article. I especially liked the slideshow.

Blogger UUEnforcer said...

What am I really the first?
Great article and I love the PP* paper doll.

*You know who I mean.

Anonymous Katester said...

Great picture on the Globe - love your hair cut! And he called you cheeky! I love that word! Off to read the article now.

Blogger Lizard Eater said...

I now have Pink in my head ...

"I'm coming out, so you'd better get this party started ..."

Party on, PB.

Blogger chutney said...


Blogger fausto said...

Now we can say, we knew her when.

Wow, front page! Even the reflected glory feels pretty good! (Or, if you're a bloggin' pastor from MetroWest, and you follow the video link at the Globe web article page, you might even discover PeaceBang praising some glory of your own!)

Blogger Paul said...

Oh, come on. Peacebang sounds like a real name.


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