Tuesday, February 13, 2007

In Faith, Hope and Love -- Totally

You know how you send out e-mails to people with several points about pastoral news and/or committee work? And then someone sends you back your e-mail with their own replies in bold or in another color font?

I just got one this morning and where I signed, "In faith, hope and love," he had added in blue font, "Totally," as his own sign-off.

It's going to keep me grinning all day.

Good old "totally." Remember how it was every third word we used back in the 80's? I'm totally bringing back "totally."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been flashing back to that word a lot lately. Someone told me recently that I "kick ass." Unfortunately, I've never learned to take a compliment well, so my response has been "totally" but in a mocking way. I think I'm going to own that kick-ass now--totally. Thanks for sharing this


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