Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Call Me Issa": Part II

As you will recall from this post,
and this one,
I purchased a sweet little silver ring in France several years ago that just happened to have the same spiral symbol on it that showed up as the motif in Jane Siberry's Philadelphia concert I attended days after my return from France. I thought it was really very cool synchronicity, as I remember thinking when I bought the ring, "This isn't really me: it's too Celtic, but it's cute." When I saw that Jane had chosen that very symbol as the motif for her show, it was clear to me that I should just give her the ring. Obviously the symbol must have special resonance for her.

But it didn't. Or not enough. She rejected my ring with disdainful air and humiliated me. Then she showed up in the news a few days ago as having divested of all her worldly goods and changed her name to "Issa," Arabic for Jesus.

A friend of mine forwarded my last blog entry to Issa herself, who had this to say:

"someone forwarded your blog about me.oh dear. i am horrified to think that you felt so disrespectfully treated. I didn't feel the way you described. if anything, i feel awkward and slightly embarassed saying that to people when they are offering a gift from the heart that is more than a would feel worse, though, if i accepted it and then left it for the maid. my deepest apologies. to offer something important to you to someone you appreciate is something i really honour and try to communicate so. i'm sorry that my response has gotten in the way of enjoying the music. i'm just the messenger.issa"

PeaceBang here.

On one hand, it was nice of Jane/Issa to respond at all. She has the good grace to say that she feels "horrified" by my offense. To that I say, Issa, if my commenters are to be trusted, you've got a rep for being snotty and disdainful of your fans. As you divest of worldly goods in search of a purer life, you might want to work on that.

Second, of whom, or of what, are you "the messenger?" Are we not all messengers? I would not have cared if you left that ring for the maid. Perhaps that was just why I was meant to purchase it. If the magic of synchronicity didn't work for you, perhaps you might have simply passed along that ring to the next person for whom it may have had some meaning. Your ego should not be the final decision-making factor in how someone's energy gets out into the world if they feel so inclined to begin with you. Why stop a gift in the giving? Especially one so obviously unencumbersome (I wasn't inviting you to use my beach house in St. Kitts -- not that I have one -- or offering anything else that might have obligations or strings attached) and directly connected to something as soulful as an ancient symbol for the Triple Goddess. If you don't want such a thing, for heavens sake, pass it on.

Those of us who choose lives that require us to be conduits of energy and love need to get out of our own way a lot of the time. Issa, I hope you are able to get out of your own way more successfully in the future. If you think your fans small gifts troublesome to your great spiritual quest, that may be the biggest baggage you have yet to divest yourself of.


Anonymous Jay said...

PeaceBang, I love you, but is this the best response to an apology? When someone apologizes to me, I "accept" the apology even if I have some remaining doubts about the apology-giver. It should be the rare case, I think, that an apology is the cause for another lecture about one's behavior.

Or maybe I'm just channelling some repressed, cotillion-going etiquette conformist. ;-)

Blogger Chalicechick said...

FWIW, all I know about this woman is what I've read here and she strikes me as not exactly arrogant, but mostly clueless about how she's coming off...

like that herself sometimes


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