Monday, February 05, 2007

The Wired Word

Does anyone have experience with this Bible study curriculum?

A Methodist pastor friend is using it and likes it a lot.

I would welcome your thoughts and comments.


Blogger Quotidian Grace said...

I have used this extensively and recommended it to other churches who tell me it has been well received.

It is very user friendly. The leader guides for each session are excellent. I've had groups share leadership with it and that works well. Participants get a shorter email with the topic, suggested discussion questions but won't feel excluded if they don't take the time to read it before class.

The topics are usually interesting and timely. If you get one you don't like you can access their archives and choose another one. Since they use feature stories as well as news stories some of them aren't time-sensitive.

I liked the extensive use of scripture references for the discussion questions, but sometimes they do fall into a "proof text" mode.

I like to use it for short periods of time--a month to two months or for the summer. But others tell me that they have classes that use it and like it year round.

It is traditional mainstream Protestant in its viewpoint so I don't know how it would be received in a UU congregation. I guess that depends on the congregation, of course.

The price is great, too. I think we'll see more curriculums available like this in the near future. Hope this helps you.

Anonymous jinnis said...

Interesting curriculum. Thank you for asking about it.

The one I just learned about last week is Bible Workbench.

At its best, it is a format that promotes self reflection in a setting that is not about debate or defense - and thus is a much safer environment than when people feel they must be right or get the right answer. It follows the lectionary year with passages and great questions about the text. The format progresses to where the participant is in the text and to a deeper understanding of our cultural context.


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