Sunday, February 04, 2007

He Thought His Ham Was Dry

I know it's sexist of me to say this, and I shouldn't even notice it, but I happen to get a huge kick out of the fact that when we have a big church dinner or luncheon, it's more often than not a team of men in the kitchen.

They even wear aprons. And when it's not men in the Lead Cook position, they're always in there helping. Often in those aprons.
It kills me.

So last night we had this very lovely dinner attended by about 65 people and the man who did most of the cooking was bemoaning the fact that his ham was dry.

It wasn't dry at all. It was moist and delicious, and the entire meal was wonderful. But he thought his ham was dry. When we praised the meal he said, "It could have been better. I thought my ham was dry."

And my God, if he didn't look just like my Baba.

File this under "Church Cuteness."


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