Monday, January 29, 2007

Shamelessly Pimping Your Vote

Gee, folks, thanks to whoever it was that nominated this blog for all those awards!

I'm up for Best Religious Writing, Best Anecdote or Narrative, Best UU Themed Blog, Best Minister's Blog and something else.

You can vote here:

If I win Best Religious Writing (which would be particularly meaningful to me, I must admit), do you think I can raise my fees? ;-)

If you read this blog and don't read many -- or any -- others, it's okay to just vote in a few categories. I don't feel qualified enough to vote, either, as I didn't/don't read all of the nominated entries and blogs, but I voted anyway.

This all reminds me of 1996, when I appeared as Chloe Haddock in "Lips Together, Teeth Apart" for a community theatre in Rochester, NY. I was horrified to find out that the theatre had a competition for best actor/actress and best supporting actor/actress that went on all season, asking audience members to rate the performances and drop the ballot in a box at the end of the show. I said that acting was not a competitive sport and that I wished not to be included in the competition. Too late; my name was already on the ballot. And then I felt like a fool when I was got all excited when I found out later that I won. I still have the plaque somewhere-- a reminder against false modesty. Now I'm like Joan Crawford, gripping the cat and shaking her, "MOMMY HAS TO WIN, BABY!! MOMMY HAS TO WIN!"

She is, by the way, doing *very* well. The cat, that is. And so far she shows no signs of wear and tear from all the kissing and hugging she's getting.


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