Friday, January 12, 2007

Cat Update

SOMEONE brought me a (toy) mouse this morning! She's hunting!!

And has been jumping brightly on the bed at dawn with a cheerful, "Mrow?"
And has been talking about many cat things while I am in the kitchen, and she even whines! (which is how she earned her name in the first place: Ermengarde is the crying, whining character in "Hello, Dolly!")

And has been eating beef briscuit and roast beef out of my hand, and also eating small heaps of icky wet stinky food. And as many of those disgusting Play-Doh-like snacks as she can get.

Thank you all for continuing to care. She has lost some weight but takes her medication pretty cheerfully and sleeps and plays and does all normal things with almost all her usual energy.

She isn't drinking much water but the vet is not concerned. They will see her for a heart worm test in the morning, and we will do another set of Xrays when I'm back from vacation at the very end of January. Keep praying that that big white cloud over her lungs will be a distant memory.

Sorry this blog has been such a crashing bore of late.


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