Friday, January 05, 2007

Cats and Love and Love and Cats And Just Love

I get to bring her home today. At 6:30 AM the doctor called me -- o, my heart she was a-poundin' when the phone rang! -- and said, "Ermengarde is doing much better. She's breathing well and eating and you can come pick her up any time after 1:00 today."

She'll be on steroids for another 10 days and on an antibiotic for two weeks. This should give me enough time to get a second opinion about the cloud over her lungs. Maybe it will go away. Maybe it won't. She may not have much time, but my dear neighbor who is also Erm's special gentleman friend promises that if she curls up and dies, he will come deal with it. Just knowing that makes me feel like I can have her home without being terrified every moment. I may even try to set up a special dying place in the storage room (where she was hiding last time) with a tiny nook that she can go to if it's her time. I don't want her squishing herself into some crummy, dusty corner.

So, this: as you've reminded me, there is no reason to apologize for wanting to pour out our love on people, things and animals. If they respond worthily, or even if they're willing to walk the path of *trying* to respond worthily, it's some of the best soul-building work a human being can do. Love is always good work.

Thanks again for *your* outpouring of support and understanding, and for cherishing your own fur people. Thank you even to those of you who said that your own cats died after a similar crisis, because even though it upsets me to hear it, it's a very likely outcome of this situation and it helps to know that we can all get through it.

Blessings to you all and thanks from Ermengarde and from me. It will be good to have her home and not have to commune with her on a hospital visiting room floor.


Blogger Quotidian Grace said...

What great news! I hope Ermengarde will recover quickly.

Blogger ms. kitty said...

We are all so glad for you, out here on Whidbey Island.
Ms. Kitty, Loosy the Love Cat, and Lilylou

Anonymous jinnis said...

Oh, those phone calls that can take a few years off the life . . .

Good luck to both of you!

And yay for neighbors and friends. I'm so glad to hear that if her end is close, your neighbor will take care of her.

Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Hurrah and welcome home to Erm. Love from Caroline and the spirits of happy kitties past (watching over me with their furry wings and interceding for you and Ms. Ermengarde).

Blogger zorra said...


Anonymous What Now? said...

Blessings to your reunified family.

Blogger Psalmist said...

We here in chez Psalmist are saying "Deo gratias" and sending good wishes your and Ermengarde's way, PeaceBang. Rosie agrees that Ermengarde looks far more like her sister should look, than her own adopted sister Jenny does. Except for Rosie's white nose spot (with brown tabby smudge on one side), they COULD be sisters. Both my sweet girls are praying in their own way for Ermengarde's full recovery, as am I.

I recall how it felt having "borrowed time" when my Gracie (immediate predecessor of Rosie and Jenny) was diagnosed with feline leukemia (she was probably infected in utero; friends found her as a stray kitten). She rallied after a blood transfusion and had almost six months of good quality life before she declined. I'll always be grateful that her vet pulled out the stops to buy her that time. The end was still so hard, but I cherished her all the more for knowing her time was limited. So however long or short your time remaining with Ermengarde (and I do pray it's many years), it warms my heart to know how much you are cherishing her. I have no doubt you make her just as happy as she makes you. A cat could do far worse (as so many, sadly, do).

Blessings to you both, PB. You remain in my prayers.

Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

Hooray for Ermengarde! She's a trooper.

Anonymous Amy said...

Just catching up on the bad and better news about sweet Ermengarde. So glad for you and I hope you have many more happy years together.

Anonymous Mary Ann said...

Chun Woo, Tarragon and I say "purrrrrrrrrrrrr." :)

Blogger BAC said...

I can certainly empathize with what you are going through. My oldest dog was just diagnosed with Cushing's disease and we have been going through quite a lot lately.

Best wishes to Erm and to you.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

From one cat lover to another, I'm so glad your little one is doing better. May she have a long and healthy rest of her life, but even if it isn't tooo long, may it be lovely and peaceful at home with her human. Cats are so wonderful - healing to her and you :) Elizabeth


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