Thursday, January 04, 2007

Deval Patrick, His Excellency

I was at the morning worship service for the Inauguration Day of Deval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts, at Old South Meetinghouse. My favorite religion reporter, Michael "Max" Paulson,* blogged it here,

It was exciting and wonderful, and Deval Patrick cried as we sang "Laying Down My Only Burden," an original composition by our director and founder, Matthew Meyer Boulton. Mrs. Patrick and I smiled at each other through one entire verse and gave each other "YEA, BABY" expressions. She looks like SO much fun.

I wanted to make some small gesture of my personal excitement to our new governor so I put my hands together in blessing and made a teensy little bow to him before we sat down. He mouthed to me, "THANK YOU."

It was lovely. I have the highest hopes in the world for him and his administration.

* Michael Paulson will probably not appreciate it if you call him "Max." It's just that I constantly accidentally call him "Mark" after a miserable man I worked with in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Max is an effort to stop doing that.


Blogger Katester said...

Ha! I know that miserable man, and you're right - he was nuts!

On the down side, do you think Mitt is really going to run for Prez?

Still keeping you and Erm in my thoughts. What a beautiful entry below.

Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Waaah! I want to move back to Massachusetts! (I lived there for a total of 18 years, 3 in div. school and 15 later on.) Not that there isn't good work to be done in the Southland and a good life to be had, but it's another country...

I read the Paulson blog and cheered. Lucky you, to be there. Here's a link to a Bill Moyers piece that will speak to you (you PB and you all), in the spirit of this week:


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