Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I just received a note from a fellow blogger from Nashville extending a bit of southern hospitality for the Festival of Homiletics in May ('cause you're buying the margaritas, right, John?) -- leading me to wonder what other blogger/PeaceBangers are in the city and would like to meet for tapas one night.

Or for barbecue and line dancing at the Crazy Horse (where PeaceBang likes to sit and watch because she doesn't know how to do it, and she notices that the people there are DEAD SERIOUS and will run you down if you go in the wrong direction). I only said tapas because I remember with great affection our enormous tapas feast at St. Louis this past June and the $700+ bill, well-earned.

Let me know in the comments. I will be at the highly glamorous Holiday Inn Express near the Baptist church. Code word for arrival: "The Bang Has Landed."


Blogger John Plummer said...

Lord, lord. Nashville will never be the same! There is tapas to be had, or we could take you to The White Trash Cafe (I am not kidding) for some local flavor....

It sounds like you have been here before. My top three Nashville suggestions for visitors from the world of religion are the Parthenon (Really Big 42' Tall Goddess), the Downtown Presbyterian Church (spectacular Egyptian Revival architecture), and the Sri Ganesha Temple.

Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Cool! Wish we were crossing paths. I'll be in Nashville in March for a conference (SECSOR / regional AAR/SBL for the Southeast). Definitely going to the Sri Ganesha Temple, thanks for the tip! (I'm nostalgic for the Sri Lakshmi one in the Boston area...)

Tapas in Nashville?!

I shouldn't be surprised, since we're now getting sushi in both the Carolinas. (But I did have hoppin' john for New Year's :-))


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