Saturday, December 23, 2006

Down Came An Angel

Down Came An Angel
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This CD features pianist Jacqueline Schwab playing a beautiful variety of Christmas and holiday tunes, including the enigmatic "Cheery Tree Carol," wherein Mary asks Joseph to pick her some cherries, and he replies, "Let the father of your BABY get you some cherries" and she goes, "Whoa, that was so rude -- I totally TOLD you that I am bearing God's own child" and the cherry trees bend down their branches and give her lots of fruit and she goes, "Ha ha, Joseph. In your face."

It's not exactly like that, but pretty close. Of course, this being the piano version you won't hear those lyrics, but I just learned them from Sweet the Sound because we sing it at our Christmas gigs.

Anyway, the double bonus about buying this lovely recording is that Jacqueline is married to Unitarian Universalist minister, so there's a family connection there for UUs.

It's available on at this link:


Blogger Sun Warrior said...

Merry Christmas, PeaceBang, from all of us lumberjacks in our igloos up here in Canada...

Make sure you watch the pope at midnight, and the Queen Christmas Day... tradition...


Sun Warrior


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