Monday, January 15, 2007

UU Blog Awards: For Your Consideration

It looks like while I'm away on vacation, ya'll will have an opportunity to vote on your favorite UU blogs.

I think I was voted second in a few categories last year. This year, baby, let's go for the gold!

Here are a few reasons you might consider giving PeaceBang your vote. This is by way of reminding you that I don't write about my cat ALL the time...!!

Religious Writing or Theological Commentary:
I blather on about the meaning of worship.
I try to communicate how haunted I am by torture.
I get down with S-I-N!

Here, I start a firestorm of angry criticism by explaining why I like the word "LORD."
I advise pastors to have a few of the Bible's greatest hits in their memory bank.
I like the writing here, but more than anything I love the graphic. See it and weep.

Cultural Commentary
I snark on sexism and Playboy bunnies in captivity.
I try, totally in vain, to start a revolution in cell phone ettiquette, a word I can't even spell.

Cute Things About Family
I share memories of being a big sister.

Go vote -- or nominate - at

I'll be in Guatemala until January 27th. Peace. Bang.


Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

I hope that you enjoy Guatemala!


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