Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Napping Might Be Good For Women's Hearts, Too, But We're Not Sure

Here's an article from the Boston Globe suggesting that napping in the afternoon may be beneficial to heart health:


But speaking of heart health (!), what really infuriates me is that once again, we don't know if the results apply to women because so few women were included in the study.

Heart disease kills far, far more women every year than breast and skin cancer combined, and yet the medical research done on coronary health continues to focus almost exclusively on men. This isn't to downplay the seriousness of breast cancer and the prevalence of other cancers as killers of women (or to downplay any other cause of mortality), but the fact is that the women reading this blog are far more likely to die of plain old heart disease than of anything else.

What's it going to take to get included in these studies?????

It shocks me that this is still going on.


Anonymous Bea said...

Annoying, yes. February is American Heart Month, though, and the NHI has a big educational campaign about ladies & their heart health:

If you'd like a kicky, little red dress lapel pin, they're giving them out at the hospital where I work.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to the AP article, women were included in the sample (some 23,000 people), and the results are likely to be valid for us, too. But not enough women died during the course of the study to make the findings statistically significant. So... while it would be nice to have the stats and all, I can't wish that it had turned out differently. And anyway... it doesn't take much to convince me to nap, statistically significant or no!

Here's the link to the AP article:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear all- I have ALWAYS been a big fan of naps- esp since I have a metabolism that springs into action about 4:45 every am- except when the hormons hit, and then its 3 am- but i digress...so I am using this study to bolster my standing in the family (which mocks me and makes unkind jokes about ..."oh, am I interupting your nap?" when they call- when, actually, they usually are)to show how WISE and PRUDENT I hav ebeen all these years....oh look! its my favorite time of the day- that's right! nap time! be welllzzzzzzz N


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