Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Lenten Morality Tale, Played On Piano

This strikes me as a particularly Lenten scandal:


It's not about money, it's not about sex.

It's about the deep human desire for beauty and transcendence through art.
It's about the mystery of creative talent and the sin of trying to steal someone else's when you feel you haven't got enough of your own.
It's about how love mixed with ego can lead us to violate our own integrity.
It's about denial.

I can already see the movie version starring Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench.


Blogger Every 7th Day said...

No thanks. I want Derek Jacobi and a wizened Toni Colette. (I have this theory that she could pull off Santa, so the age thing doesn't bug me here.) Or, now that his star is again visible, Alan Arkin and Tyne Daly?

But, that's not why I'm commenting. When I was a hospice chaplain, I saw some pretty amazing charades pulled off by family members which fell just short of the antics of "Good-bye Lenin".

We always spoke out against this sort of thing, but without success. And oddly enough, all my recollections are of MEN doing these things for their wives. Hope the screenwriters look into that aspect for the movie.


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