Monday, March 19, 2007

"Grey Gardens"

MotherBang and SisterBang and I saw "Grey Gardens" on Broadway last week and loved it, but now I can't stop talking like Edie Beale.

Here's the legendary Christine Ebersole doing a number at the Drama Desk Awards,

We saw her marvelous understudy, Maureen Moore, and were all freely weeping at the end. I know it's Broadway heresy to say it, but honestly, we all preferred Ms. Moore, whose voice is better, sounds more like the actual Edie, and who was more nuanced in her performance than I've seen in Ms. Ebersole's several clips of the performance.

Haven't you ever seen the documentary Grey Gardens?? Oh, for heaven's sake, get it from Netflix right away.

SisterBang has adored it for "years and years and years." She's so staunch.


Blogger Suzer said...

My partner and I saw the show in December, with Christine Ebersole. I can attest that Ms. Ebersole was amazing in the role -- if she doesn't get the Tony, I'll eat my socks (clean ones, of course, that match my outfit).

I am glad that Ms. Moore is excellent in the role as well. A good understudy is worth her weight in gold.

Glad you liked the show. We loved it, and also can't stop talking like Edie. Have you seen the documentary? It is sad and powerful, moreso than the musical.


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