Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kiss of Peace

You know how some churches invite you to "pass the peace" at a certain time in the liturgy?
Someday I want to go into a church with a huge group of friends and when it comes that time, just totally go around and give everyone these huge smacks on both cheeks, very continental, very con molto brio.

Why? Because I hate when people limply take my hand and avoid eye contact and mumble, peace of christ to me. I feel like if Jesus saw that he would be like, "Oh PLEASE! She doesn't have COOTIES!"


Blogger Sun Warrior said...

Its a good spiritual thermometer on the congregation.

I'm convinced preachers need to challenge the congregation to stand naked and pray before bedtime.

Wouldn't that be scandalous! Showing God your birthday suit! Just speaks a truth about us.


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