Monday, October 09, 2006

MotherBang, Triumphant

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This is my mother after her triumphant debut as a solo cabaret artist in New York City.

She was absolutely wonderful; a star. I soaked a hankie as I marvelled at her wonderful singing, watching her not as my mother but as a woman of amazing talent, wit, charisma and beauty. She was charming and confident, she was glamorous, she was hysterically funny, she was emotionally moving, and she totally commanded the stage. It made me think that no one under the age of 50 should attempt cabaret singing: they just don't have enough life under their belts to enrich each song with very many layers of memory and meaning. Watching her sing, it was very powerful to realize that I knew much of the story she was communicating, but not all of it. I saw shades of her yesterday that I have never seen before, and that I'm not sure she shows anyone very easily. She was riveting.

Here she is, glowing. How many women do you know who can comfortably wear a feather boa on a Sunday afternoon? Three words for you, Mom:



I hope we can start choosing numbers for your next show when you come visit next weekend!


Blogger Jaume said...

Congratulations! I understand that you feel so happy and proud.

Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

She definitely pulls off the look! It's such a good feeling to be proud of one's mama.

Blogger Caroline Divine said...

She's gorgeous! Elegant and full of energy. Wish I could have heard her sing. Mazel Tov to both of you.


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