Monday, October 02, 2006


I am really excited and nervous because we are starting to podcast my sermons.

Sermons are scary enough just delivered to a congregation in person on Sunday mornings. Mine get published on the internet and in a pamphlet form, so they live that way after the Sunday. I'm glad for it, because Sunday School teachers and shut-ins and faraway friends of the church can read them, and people can share them as a form of evangelism. It makes me work harder on creating something coherent and meaningful.

But podcasting is something else. It's really intimate and yet public at the same time. I am afraid of sounding like a dork. But it's the new thing, and I believe in it, and as an avid fan and consumer of podcasts myself, I fully support churches joining the podcast revolution. I love having lots of neat podcasts to listen to.

Just because I thought it might be really interesting and "value-added," I will be recording a Preacher's Commentary podcast in conjunction with each sermon. This will include my thoughts about developing the topic, composing the sermon, and the act of delivering it. It will be an honest sharing of the preacher's process, and the ministry that was intended by the specific sermon. I want it to be warm and personable. I hope it will appeal to other preachers and seminarians.

So that's what we've been doing lately. That and ... life.


Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

Good luck!

Blogger Chalicechick said...

When I read the first part of this post, I thought to myself. "As spiffy as PB is, my impression is that there are LOTS of ministers podcasting at this point."

But when I read about the "preacher's commentary" portion, I was really intrigued. That sounds really interesting and cool and I look forward to taking a walk with your sermon and commentary sometime soon.

Yay for innovation.


Blogger fausto said...

Isn't this timing serendipitous? Fausto's minister, Perpetua, was asking Fausto just recently for help podcasting Perpetua's sermons. Fausto was ashamed to admit he didn't have a clue how to set that up, but agreed to ask around. Fausto was going to start with Philocrites, but hasn't called him yet.

Would PB mind terribly much calling Perpetua and telling her how you did it? Tell her Fausto sent you.

Blogger Adam Tierney-Eliot said...

When you get off the horn w/ Perpetua, might you givest me a call? I, too am curious about this but, sadly, my helpers assume more technological gifts than are mine...

Blogger Philocrites said...

Aside from the fact that I've bought "Podcasting for Dummies" and have to figure out how to set up podcasting for my preacher-wife, I don't yet know how to do it, either!

If I figure it out, of course, I'll eventually post what I know.

Blogger Fr. Damocles said...

That's great. I've already become a junkie for UU podcasts. I like listening to ministers with different styles and I always wonder why they choose to do certain things. It will be great to get that insight.

Blogger The Happy Feminist said...

Are your sermons available to your blog readers? Or are you blogging anonymously?

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Hi Happy Fem,
I would say that I blog "anonymously." Many people know who I am and that's fine. I keep PeaceBang a separate entity in order to keep my blogging ministry very distinct from my parish ministry. That said,if my regular reader/commenters would like the link to my podcasts, I am happy to oblige.

Blogger UUpdater said...

There is a UU podcasters group


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