Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More On Why Men Don't Go To Church

This is a terrific and important post by Doug Muder,


The comments are really interesting, too.

Doug, it seems to me that this is a winner for the UU Men's Network Sermon Contest. I hope you submit it.


Blogger Doug Muder said...

Oh, my. What a nice comment.

UU Men noticed this piece on my blog asked if they could publish it in their newsletter. I agreed, but I was still a little surprised when I went to their table at GA and saw it on the front of the latest edition. I suddenly realized I was standing there holding my own article as if waiting to be recognized. An attack of shyness hit me, and I drifted away unnoticed.

I've been really pleased by the female response to this. I didn't intend it to be anti-feminist, and I'm glad that PeaceBang and the other women who have commented didn't read it that way. The goal shouldn't be to have a masculine church or a feminine church, but to have a human church that can respond to people's needs.


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