Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Still Harping on the GA Closing Worship

Another reason not to move the General Assembly big worship service to the hour most people are packing up to leave: the local service project (whihc last year raised over $3,000) which benefits some good cause in our host city, earns the vast majority of its money at the Sunday morning worship service.

NOT cool.
Given the Planning Committee's decision and its direct economic impact on one of our big service projects, I have to ask: is it more important to discuss how we'd like to be of service, or is it more important to actually BE of service?


Blogger ogre said...

Does seem pretty dim.

Face it, no matter where we hold GA, there are a lot of us who really have to be back home on Monday. So stretching things out later and later means that fewer and fewer of us can, or will, attend.

It's not up to the level of stupidity I feel was revealed in the NEW! IMPROVED! Now with more hurdles! CSW process... but it is pretty damned stupid.

Hold the service in the morning. Carry on with whatever things just have to be squeezed in afterwards.


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