Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You Are NOT Grounded, Young Man!!

In a really dreadful way, I find this hysterically funny. It's by Patrick Andrade for the New York Times:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday that the United States did not intend to invade or attack North Korea, but she warned the North’s leaders that they now risked sanctions “unlike anything that they have faced before.”

... Even China, North Korea’s most important ally, said Tuesday that tough measures were in order, though its representatives said the punishments might not necessarily be the harsh ones that Washington was proposing.
“For China, we need to have a firm, constructive, appropriate, but prudent, response,” said Wang Guangya, the country’s ambassador to the United Nations. “There have to be some punitive actions, but also I think these actions have to be appropriate.”

PB here. Let's create an analogy. Say that I'm a really rebellious teenager and my parents are Condi Rice and Wang Guangya. They find me smoking dope behind the house and they go, "DAMN IT, young lady! We have told you a thousand times that you CANNOT be smoking pot behind the house, or anywhere else! It's dangerous, it's illegal, your little brother could see you, and we just won't have it! We aren't going to ground you, and we aren't going to take the car away, and we aren't going to stop paying your tuition, but you'd better believe that you're going to be punished in some appropriate way that's punitive yet firm, constructive and prudent!"

Can't you just hear the squeal of the tires as I peel out of the driveway to go hang out with my friends and laugh at my parents? With a dime bag of weed in the trunk?*

* PeaceBang would like to clarify that she is not, and never has been, a partaker of illegal drugs. She's just making an analogy.


Blogger powderblue said...

This analogy would be more accurate (although more contrived, too) if the rebellious teenager had unimpeded access to lethal weapons for herself and for her recklessly willful friends and acquaintances, that she could go ballistic at any attempt to separate them from her, and that her power-addled judgment could cause her to use or share them regardless.

I sympathize with the leaders who must deal with this. I wish we had more competent ones in these times when so much seems to be going dangerously wrong.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

Yeah, the "we know I have big weapons, don't make me use them" approach worked pretty well with the (relatively stable) Soviet Union for most of the last century.

Whether it's the right approach to take with the (relatively unstable) North Korea is another question. That's not to say I have a better idea.



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