Thursday, June 15, 2006

GA Dinner Final Notice

First, let me say thanks to Linguist Friend for some great comments in the past few days.
Sorry I haven't had time to respond.
CK, you said you posted something on Arb Marks, but I don't seem to find it among your wonderful entries. Am I on the wrong blog? Which one is your UU-themed blog?

Here is the list for the GA dinner on Friday night at Mirasol in St. Louis, at 6:00 on Friday, June 23rd. The staff at Mirasol has not required a deposit from me, but asks that we ALL GET THERE NO LATER THAN 6:15. Since the last workshops end at 5:15, you should all be able to hustle your buns to 6144 Delmar Avenue (across from The Pageant) in plenty of time.

If you don't come on time, the restaurant people are going to yell at me and make me cry, and then I'm going to have an anxiety attack. So by the time you stroll in at 6:45 I'll have big puffy eyes and be breathing into a paper bag.
Get it? Got it? Good.

So here you are, confirmed:

Philocrites (1)
Chalice Chick and Linguist Friend (2)
Hafidha Sofia And Her Traveling Self (1)
CK (1)
Clyde G (maybe)
Dame Olympia (1)
Ogre (1)
Jess and John (Obijuan) (2)
Bret, the Errant Frog (2)
Bubble &I (1)
Rev. Thom (1)
Ron Robinson (number, Ron?)

That's 20 at the most (if Ron brings all five of his Robinsons). We might have room for a few more. Ron, my friend, I need your final numbers ASAP.

A final note: Since PeaceBang would love very much to buy you all drinks and tapas but really doesn't intend to, please bring loads of cash and don't be all like, "I have to put $20 on my credit card." Nothing will stomp PeaceBang's margarita buzz than to be left to smooth things out with a very disgruntled wait staff and a very disgruntled self, smoothing out wrinkled Hamiltons and murmuring "Damn those bloggers for leaving me with the bill."


Blogger Errantfrogs said...

Please add Cindy, my SO, to the list. thanks!

Blogger CK said...

Here is the permalink to my "guide to St. Louis" entry. If that isn't what you are looking for, and you're talking about my response to your discussion, it is here. The UU entries on my blog are listed in my 'tag cloud', at

Feel free, any UU's out there, to email me at arbitrary dot marks at gmail dot com, if you have questions about the STL area.

I'm within biking distance of Mirasol, and pretty familiar with the city, if you have other questions.

Blogger CK said...

And, if there is still room, my partner Liz, would like to join us.

This is also to prove to her that behind the bloggers are real people!

Blogger Philocrites said...

Any chance you'll be there early? The break between the last afternoon workshop and the start of evening plenary is from 5:15 until 6:45. I know it will take time to take the bus/cab to the restaurant, but I'm hoping to be there around 5:45 and will have to head back pretty close to the start of the plenary. (Duty beckons...)

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Liz is IN! Chris, oh gee. I was hoping no one would feel the need to rush back for plenary. Don't you think that tapas beckons way more strongly than duty? C'MON...

But if you're gonna be that way, I'll come early and toss back a few snails with you.

Blogger chutney said...

If there is room, me and missus would like to attend. (We won't be at GA, but will be in town visiting my nephew.)

Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

I did a search for delmar avenue but I only came up with Delmar Blvd. Is this the same street in St Louis?

And *gak* I have to take a cab? Uh oh. Maybe I can carpool or share a cab with someone.

Blogger Rev. Sean said...

Hey Peacebang,
I would SO love to be there but I have two other commitments at the same time. One, the Starr King Grad recepting is a must-do since I'm newly elected to their board. The other is a working dinner with the OBGLTC and others to strategize...

So sorry.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Sean, we'll miss you! And Chutney, you and the Missus are IN.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Yo, everyone, Kim Hampton writes to tell me that you can take the Metrolink from the Convention Center to the Delmar stop and walk 1.5 blocks to the restaurant.


Blogger CK said...

Yes, take the MetroLink (that's part of why I suggested this tapas place, even though there are others around). And yes, it is Delmar (all one word), Blvd. But you'll hear most people call it "The U City Loop" as it is part of the area abutting Washington Univeresity. If you not going back for the plenary thingie, walk around it--it's a fun area.

Also, just a heads up: The MetroLink was disconcerting to me when I moved here, because I was used to the DC Metro, where you pay your fare and stick a ticket in the turnstyle. You don't do that here--you purchase a teeny tiny ticket and stamp it in the validating machine. Occasionally someone will ask you to show your ticket on the train.

The first time I rode, I didn't see the validator, but thankfully no one asked. It has a time stamp and you should use the little machine to avoid fines, etc. It's easy aside from that.


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