Thursday, June 15, 2006

It Feels Good

Please don't yell at me for being stupid enough to upgrade from a little Honda Civic to a Honda CR-V with gas prices like this and also with the global warming and all.

It was just my dream car and I after a year of checking various dealerships online I finally found one I could afford with excellent mileage. My old car was getting all old and creaky and needing lots of work and so I just went out and bought this for myself today:
Except mine is green like my old one. I am quite fond of green cars.
(Cripes, the car in the photo looks yards longer and bigger than the one in my driveway right now! Mine is older and smaller)

I'm not kidding about my old car. My muffler literally FELL OFF when I was on my way to the dealership. It fell off, people. I drove the last thirty miles blowing down the highway like a road hog. I probably lost some of my hearing.

Man, there is NOTHING like buying yourself a car with your own damn money.
Or rather, paying some cash down and financing a car with your own damn credit and money.

Ten years ago I had a stinky lying cheating and did I mention lying? dirty rotten bastid of a boyfriend who bought himself a red CR-V. I loved it and he said, "When we get married I'll buy you your own."

So of course I, like a fool, thought that was possible. And for years afterward when I saw a CR-V I would say to myself, "I'll never have one."

So I would like to say to that lying stinkin' no good lying cheating old boyfriend, "I GOT ONE FOR MYSELF, THANK YOU VERY MUCH."

P.S. Love and kisses to the guys at Herb Chambers Honda Dealership for not being horrible, over-bearing smarmy car salesmen and for just being charming and honest and not trying to tell me I don't know my old car's blue book value and all that sort of thing like they always did to me at other car dealerships. I know it helped that I was very cute when I walked in and started calling all of you "Herb," but you were terrific anyway. I actually enjoyed buying this car, and under usual circumstances I would rather gouge out my eyes with a sharp stick than go into a car dealership. Plus I know my old car was pretty broken with a muffler hanging off it and all, so you were cool to give me a really awesome buyback price for it. Thanks, Herb.


Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

congrats on the new (to you) car! the cr-v is very cute; the one in the picture looks bigger than the ones i've seen around town.

Blogger Jess said...

There is almost nothing better than ditching a rattle-trap for a new (to you) car.

We're currently reveling in the experience ourselves. And saying things like, "Wow, the back end doesn't creak all over the place when we hit that very minor patch of rough road," and "So, the check engine light - it's still off!!"

Quite liberating. Almost makes up for the horror that is car shopping - glad you found a good dealer.

Blogger fausto said...

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when you started calling all the salespeople "Herb". I bet none of them have ever had any customer quite like a PeaceBang before!

Nice wheels, BTW. There was a conversation about Subaru (i. e. cute li'l 4WD) UUs vs. Prius (i. e. gas-saving) UUs in the blogs a while ago, as I recall. While burning lots of gas may not be the greatest thing for ol' Mother Nature, a cute li'l 4WD that doesn't burn too much of it may help you get a little closer to her before she lapses into a final coma and can no longer communicate.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

Fausto! LOL! What a horrible image!

I just have to tell you that my guy, Joe, was writing up my paperwork and he wrote my first name as "Herb"on the form. I thought that was GENIUS funny but it turns out that he actually thought it was MY NAME! Because he had walked up to meet me while I was in the midst of Herb Madness with the General Manager and Receptionist, so he got confused. He's expecting his first child in ten days so I totally understand. What a nice, nice guy.
Maybe he'll name his daughter "Herb."

Another hilarious moment: the finance guy comes up to me and Joe while we're doing paperwork and says, "How are you two making out." And I go, "Well, we're not MAKING OUT -- I mean, geez, he's married! -- but we're doing fine on the car sale. That was a little bit INAPPROPRIATE of you to ask, though."

Silly stuff all night. I was giddy with relief at having them be normal guys.

Blogger Peregrinato said...

My green Honda Element wants to nuzzle with your Honda CR-V

Blogger boyinthebands said...

But could my MetroBus play?

And now I have "Herb Verbena" rolling around as a drag-king hame.

Blogger PeaceBang said...

I love people who anthropomorphize cars.

Blogger Kim said...

I have an old Subaru named Frances. Franny is 16 years old and is going to turn over to 239,000 miles tomorrow. I asked, and Subaru is going to have a hybrid in a few years (about three?) I have suggested they want to make it the Legacy wagon instead of a sedan. I hope they listen to me -- I would love to have a Subaru Hybrid wagon. But Honda is coming out with a hydrogen car in three or four years! Really! It's really cute too!
I always name my cars. My first one was Annabel (because she was really old.) One was Helga (because the license plate letters were HLG). Then Emily (letters were MLE) We had a 1955 Willys station wagon named Mr. Greenjeep. My first Subaru was named Sue, because I couldn't make anything repeatable out of the license plate letters. Frances' original letters were SEC. Say it out loud: Frances of SEC.

Blogger Princess Pinky said...

Congrats on the car PB!

I just got a new minivan (I know I'm not cool, but I can't bring myself to get a suv) It replaces a BIG van that has close to 200k on it. I figure Mother Nature will forgive me since I'm going from 9mpg to 21mpg.

And at least they gave you something for your previous car. They said we would have to pay a disposal fee if we left Bessie the Death Trap with them.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

CC's cars have been: Ernest (he was a very earnest Volvo)

Olivia (She was a middle aged lady of a car "I know, I know, I just put on my 'check engine' light last week and the repair shop said there was nothing wrong. But I really think something's wrong this time. REALLY!"

The Green Goblin: My Toyota. A good car but lacking in personality. Of course, I define "personality" as "things in the car that don't work properly."

Blogger indrax said...

I wonder if cars automomorphize people. I 've been trying to figure it out but I keep spinning my wheels.

I've owned 2 cars, an 1986 dodge diplomat, which I still have. My brother and I want to restore it and put it in parades.
The other was a ford taurus, as seen in robocop.

Blogger Not Your Usual Missionary Position said...

The Old Nasty Boyfriend would be known as ratbastard in the US South and, honey, you are right. He is!I'm so glad that ratbastard is out of your life & your darlin green vehicle is in your driveway!!! You go Girl!!



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