Monday, March 13, 2006

Best Possible Care?

I just heard a report on NPR that some people are wondering whether or not Slobodan Milosevic got "the best possible care" while he was in prison awaiting the verdict on his war crimes trial.

I have to wonder why you deserve "the best possible care" when you're a marauding savage. I should think that being fed and sheltered and kept safe from the people who want to chop you into tiny pieces and make you into shark chum would be an acceptable level of care.

I'm sorry, but learning that an 8-hour autopsy determined that Milosevic had an unexplained antibiotic in his system doesn't exactly alarm me. If he had an unexplained ice pick in his back, well, that might be a little bit interesting.


Blogger Kim said...

He may not deserve extra special care, but he deserves descent care because he was human and we don't want to be like the things we dislike about him. I think the fear, rightly, is that he may have been mistreated because humans are like that: there is a 'treatment accounting firm' in our heads that we have trouble turning off. Sometimes it gets carried away....

Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

Best use of the word "marauding savage" ever.

I didn't even know the man was dead. I had not quite figured how to process his life yet, so his death feels meaningless.

I hope I never have a child like that.


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