Monday, March 13, 2006

"Really Rosie"

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I was doing a mic check yesterday in church and singing "There Once Was a Boy Named Pierre" so that the choir could respond at the appropriate time, ("Who only could say, I DON'T CARE"). To my shock and horror, none of my peeps knew "Really Rosie!"
Not even the usher that morning who has a six year old daughter knows "Really Rosie!"
I thought this was most terrible and determined to tell everyone about the wonderful album that is "Really Rosie," which was produced in 1975, way before Girl Power was a big deal. It features the songs of Carole King and a lead character named Rosie who's a real diva and wears a feather boa.

I'm really Rosie/And I'm Rosie real.

You better believe me/I'm a great big deal/Believe me (Beleeeeeeive me).

I'm a star from afar off the golden coast

Beat that drum, make that toast to Rosie the most!

Believe me (Belieeeeeeeeeeeve me).

I can sing tea for two, and two for tea.

I can act 'to be or not to be.'

I can tap across the Tapanzee

Hey can't ya see? I'm terrific at everything.

No star shines as bright as me! Rosie!

(belieeeeeeve me!)"

The songs are tuneful and funny and easily memorized, and really great stuff to go belting around the house with your elementary school age kids.

I can't recommend highly enough that you throw the Yanni in the trash as fast as possible and hook up with some Rosie.


Blogger This Girl Remembers said...

Oh, Peacebang, you just made my day!

I loved "Really Rosie" as a kid, especially the animated version they showed on tv from time to time, and the VHS has been on my wishlist for years. It used to be VERY scarce, but I just looked again, and by golly it's down to just a little more that $20 now!

I still have a little mini-book boxed set of the stories: Alligators All Around, Chicken Soup with Rice, One Was Johnny, and my all-time favorite, Pierre.

It just doesn't get better than that. Why, oh why don't they reissue the video?

Blogger Jess said...

It's even available at iTunes!

I hadn't thought of this in YEARS. It's right up there with "Free to Be You and Me," which has the marvelous Carol Channing and "Housework."

"The lady we see when we're watching TV,
The lady who smiles as she scours or scrubs or rubs or washes or wipes or mops or dusts or cleans,
Or whatever she does on our TV screens,
That lady is smiling because she's an actress,
And she's earning money for learning those speeches
That mention those wonderful soaps and detergents and cleansers and cleaners and powders and pastes and waxes and bleaches."

My kids think I'm crazy when I put this on, but then they start giggling. :)


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