Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Nephew Blogging

My eldest nephew, about 27 months old, has become an absolutely terrific little boy. He's friendly and enthusiastic and extra adorable with a kind of casino greeter swaggering quality that draws people to him. He already has an excellent sense of humor and a keen ear for mimicry. He sings and dances. He has eyes like chocolate chips, a sweet smile, and he's a good phone date. The other day I was on the phone with his father, my little brother, and my brother asked him to sing his ABC's to me.
I loved that there was no hesitation or coy shyness, he just took the phone and belted out a really on-tune, excellent rendition of his ABC's.
My favorite part of the ABC's is the inevitable train wreck around the "LMNOP" section, and Nicholas did not disappoint, especially since he can't pronounce his L's yet. But there he went on without hesitation, absolutely good-natured, right through to the end. What a trooper.

I hope we never let him forget that one of his first phrases was "I love you," but pronounced "I yee yoo!"

I am going to see them in two weeks and just can't wait to get them both in my lap. They are so worth a five hour train ride and it kills me that I haven't seen them since September.

Okay, sorry for making you barf. As you were.


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