Friday, March 03, 2006

Hollywood Update And Other Random Nothings

To think that dreck like "Crash" gets nominated for Best Picture while something like "The 40-Year Old Virgin" gets bupkus just confirms my sense that Hollywood people are impossibly self-important schmucks who have no appreciation for the art of comedy.

Speaking of which, I am so afraid of the new "Pink Panther" remake with Steve Martin that I shudder to think it might end up in my Netflix queue by accident, and I don't think I could bear it. I love Steve Martin, I honor Steve Martin. Steve, what hast thou done? And why?

I loved "The 40-Year Old Virgin." It was silly and the chest waxing scene went on way too long, but it was a film about male friendship and the comedy performances were terrific. I don't know if people have any idea how hard it is to sustain an entire picture with such broad comedic performances, all of which managed to be human and tender and loveable as well. Major accomplishment, and it was a real ensemble piece where most of the characters were in most of the scenes m-- unlike "Crash," which was touted as an ensemble piece, but was really a pastiche of two and three-person scenes. Please. Don Cheadle's dialogue -- in fact, his entire role -- could not have been more cheezy and contrived. Kudos to him for managing to get away with his actorly dignity intact. There was some bad acting going on in "Crash," people, and one gag-inducing bit of dialogue after the next.

File under "How Americans Get So Fat": I bought these things called "Sun Snacks" -- doesn't that sound healthy? -- because the package is all warm and golden and it says, "NATURAL: no preservatives, no artificial flavor, no artificial colors, 0 grams trans fat." You know what these things are? They're just potato chips. Yes, they're (and I quote) "thick cut sea salted potato chips" but they're just plain old chips and I bought them because they said, "Come into the sun" on the back, and I figured, "Well, I can't get to St. Bart's right now but, I mean, this could be just as good."
Come into the fat is more like it. I was so sick yesterday, hacking my way around Whole Foods Market. I did get a bunch of juice oranges and some other healthy items but look what I'm digging into first.

I'm reading a wonderful book about the Yiddish language called Born To Kvetch. It's the first book I've ever read that gives an unvarnished, insider's perspective on what old world Jews really think /thought of Christians, and I love it. Fascinating anecdotes and great linguistics. Recommended.


Blogger Peregrinato said...

DJ and I Tivo'd 40 Year Old Virgin a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't expecting much. We both absolutely loved it. The closing musical scene sent me to the floor with laughter. It was quite excellent, and I'm glad to know we're in good company :)

Blogger Chalicechick said...

TheCSO and I really liked the Pink Panther (Jean Reno was hilarious), but we have no taste.


Blogger boyinthebands said...

I really want to watch the 40YOV because I heart Steve Carell in The Office. But being, well, a tad less hirsuite than he, watching the waxing scene on TV ads made me go faint and clammy. I had a hard enough time with an EKG (good news!) and the little sticky tabs recently.

As some of you know, I have a Whole Foods behind my apartment building, so I feel your snacking pain. Have recently rediscovered the joy of making popcorn in a paper lunch sack. Low-fat, fiber-filled, cheap (even for organic at WF) hot and toasty. A 0.25 c of kernals makes 2 qts popped. I eat it all without worry.

Blogger the other sarah said...

i saw a shirt the other day that said "know how I know you're gay?"

I thought of you

Blogger Jaume said...

After Pokin's, I decided not to see again an American comedy about males (not necessarily in college) and their problems with sex. Sorry!

As for Whole Foods, I used to buy there when I was in America (it's not everywhere though), but sometimes I think that it is just a fake place, the big alibi for ecologically-minded counter-culturalists to actually join the ranks of capitalism without knowing it and even liking it! At least the vegetables look fresh, and their gingseng is better than other brands for enhancing you-know-what. ;-)


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