Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar AfterThoughts

I just hope we've seen the end of the geriatric hair do's among Hollywood starlets. I don't think I can take another year of Charlize Theron and Reese Witherspoon in demure granny buns.

Jon Stewart, thank you for mercilessly mocking the Hollywood hypocrites, even though they'll never ask you back. Best lines:

(after a series of clips showing big moments from social justice-themed films):
"And none of those things were ever an issue again after those films came out."

(about halfway through the interiminable telecast after about the fourth montage of film clips):
"Good God. I'm waiting for the tribute to montages.... We're out of clips! We have no more clips! People send in your clips... even if they're on Beta!"

(referring to the illegal practice of bootlegging films):
"Do not pirate tapes, America. These are the people you're stealing from. Some of these women hardly had enough money to cover their breasts!"

Puncture away, Jon Stewart. We love you!

I still can't believe "Crash" won.


Blogger Kim said...

When we finally figured out Crash had won (we had to go pick up my stepson at OWL.), my first thought was "Peacebang is gonna be 'mad'." I haven't seen the film, but another parent we talked to at OWL said it was so racist they walked out of it after fifteen minutes.
I am really disappointed that Brokeback Mountain didn't get it -- it was a great movie.

Blogger Sarahliz said...

Kim, I think part of the point of Crash was its racism, which is to say that I think it was meant to be depicting the cold hard realities of racism in a deeply unpleasant way. My problem with it wasn't that it was horrifyingly racist (which it was) but that it felt unrealistically racist. To me setting up all these people with these huge acts of racism in their lives made it seem like only the really big things matter. Plus I think it makes it too easy to go "oh, the world isn't really that bad." I know my response was very much in the vein of "that's not what living in LA is like."

I thought Brokeback Mountain offered a much more nuanced and realistic picture of a social problem than Crash did. But Crash was more "typical" Hollywood so I wasn't all that surprised that it won.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

Hey, PB, have you seen this?



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