Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Get Thee Behind Me, Conde Nast!

I just got an e-mail offer for a year's subscription to both Allure and Glamour for only TWENNY BUCKS!!!

I am so tempted.

I love the photos. I love that I can get lost in serious, serious discernment about face creams for thirty minutes when one of those things comes in the mail. I love the ridiculous outfits and the inspiration for my own fashionable-fat-girl sartorial efforts. I love that I actually tear out pages and bring them to Sephora to get products, thereby proving that I am a first class suckah consumer and hypocrite, too, since I constantly deride consumerism.

I love the vapid articles.

But I just don't think I can allow this to happen. I currently get Martha Stewart Living and Self (a huge disappointment) and Lucky (a magazine about shopping! How debauched!) and Real Simple and the UU World and the Harvard Divinity School Bulletin and the Christian Century for serious reads and I pick up celeb trash mags on occasion at the supermarket check-out. I read Allure and Glamour while my nails are drying at the manicurist. I buy Harper's and the New Yorker on occasion.

I recycle two or three Trader Joe's paper bags worth of paper products every two weeks; not too bad.

Aw geez. Someone environmentally conscious talk me out of this, willya?


Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

Just try to avoid too many magazines that encourage you to shop, shop, shop.

Currently, I subscribe to Latina and the UU World. I used to get the New Yorker but that thing came so frequently I couldn't keep up with it.

I think I just got a year's subscription to Jane for $8.

I am probably going to renew my subscription to Film Comment. I miss it. But that's it!

Blogger Kim said...

I am in the process of cutting back on magazines. I am destitute about it -- I have given up a subscription to Smithsonian that my father started for me when I was in my early 20s (about 30-something years ago), and Sunset, which I've taken about as long. Metropolitan Home, which I've subscribed to since it was Apartment Life. I let go Health, and Home, a while ago. I think I didn't renew Asimov's and Analog, and I let go several dental hygiene mags -- even the free ones. I didn't renew Gourmet or Bon Appetit. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about Dwell and Western Interiors and Design. My favorite of the home design genre, Inspired House, has just ceased publication (anything I really really like gets discontinued....) I tried to stop US News and World Report but it won't stop coming.
Too much paper.

Blogger Jess said...

Let's see... I get Threads, Nora gets Ladybug, Brandon gets Spider, we all get the UU World, and John gets Sojourner, the Harvard thing, the Sun (which I like, too), and Christian Century. I am involuntarily subscribed to a AAA magazine full of travel ads and various publications from my 401(k) company. We used to get Cooking Light, but they were piling up unused so we discontinued it. I buy Real Simple almost every month, but usually end up tearing out the recipes and pitching the rest of it across the room in disgust. Their covers are just too delectable.

But I refuse, refuse, to allow newspapers in the house. They breed.

Blogger Chalicechick said...

Hmm... At the Chaliceabode, we get TheEconomist (Greatest. Magazine. Ever.), Harper's, Wired, Science News, the Sunday NYT, the Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Dwell (which is a fabulous magazine. DOn't stop getting it, Kim) and, of course, UU World.

The subcription to the Washington Monthly has lasped. I may fix that this morning now that I'm reminded.

We used to get Breathe. I don't remember why we ever got it, it isn't our sort of thing. We've stopped. I got Vogue for awhile and got tired of it. Ditto Town and Country, which seemed to do a wedding issue three times a year.

Of course, the CSO gets most of his news from the internet and I've spent most of my non-working, non-sleeping, non-eating, non-blogging, non-organizing-the-church-dinner-hours reading Laurie King recently, but no one in our bathroom is EVER bored.


Blogger dame olympia's page said...

the lady who wrote the book "simplify your life" says that for every new book she has, she gives one away. perhaps you could work your magazine subscriptions that way, since you don't like self?



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