Friday, May 13, 2005

Grandma Goldie

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I saw this photo on and just felt sad. Goldie is still so beautiful, but look at the strained, frantic look on her face and the ridiculously garish outfit. Goldie, darling, you're almost 60. You really don't need to maintain the effervescent youthquake persona if it's too much work; and by the way you've been grimacing in all your photos lately, I'm guessing that it is.

This photo of La Goldie reminded me of a very funny site I once found, which I encourage you to look at. Some of the photos are ridiculous and unkind, but some of them simply show what would happen to certain celebrity faces if they had no access to Botox, plastic surgery, or airbrushing. Illuminating! Heidi Kluminating!

Have fun. Happy Friday. Try to make it through the weekend with no cosmetic help at all (no hair products either, gents). Light a votive for Max Factor. Say a novena to Estee Lauder (she was Jewish but she won't mind). Break out the bronzer on Sunday morning and say Hallelujah.


Blogger Chalicechick said...

The annoying thing is that most of them are still fairly good looking. Oh for gorgeous bone structure.

who did think taking David Duchovny's hai was a little cold.


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