Tuesday, May 10, 2005

By the Way

I am becoming morbidly exhausted by all the articles asking "What the Hell is Wrong With the Liberals?"

Here's my response, just because there hasn't been enough ink spilled on this topic already:

bla bla blabbedy Air America bla bla arrogance out of touch bla bla hoo ha George Lakoff bakoff banana fana fakoff strict vs. nurturing parents bla bla bla gay marriage bla bla heppity hoo na nay concessions in the abortion debate na na sha nay nay noo skippety bliddy bla connecting with the average American plopperino poppini evangelicals mega churches charisma charismatics demonizing mothers AIDS SUV's bla bla bla blickety bloo bla God's preferential option for the poor! bla bla bla theological language religious witness na na na na hey hey hey goodbye, na na na demonizing fear war on terror integrity red states orange alerts Howard Deane bla Hilary Clinton Monicagate blue dress bla Ralph Nader bla bla bla ka ka do re mi fa so la environment wooden elitist spotted owls Bush I Bush II nanny nanny foo foo

I'll be adding to this as the Spirit moves me.


Anonymous Philocrites said...

Gasp! Throw in a James Luther Adams ob-la-di ob-la-da and you've pretty much swept my whole project out the door!

Blogger graham old said...

Well put, brother. Nothing to add.


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