Friday, May 06, 2005

Litttle Compton Update

Litttle Compton Update
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Those of you who have been reading this blog since mid-March know the story of the famous Lamb of the Stage, now known as Little Compton. This is a photo from her new family, taken a day or so ago. She looks so pretty, no? If a little bit sheepish, in both senses of the word (is that other dog behind her nipping her on the tush? Her expression would seem to suggest so).

Her new daddy reports that the dog Millie Moss is a little bit jealous of her, but it's all about love and understanding between them. Inter-species cooperation, people. It's our hope for the future.

My only concern is that, from the looks of it, Little Compton seems just about ready to flip some burgers on that grill! Little Compton! Remember how we talked about the solidarity of vegetarianism? I mean, especially given where you were headed before we A. and T. brought you home and all?

Wipe your eyes and get back to work.


Blogger fausto said...

It's a cinch that Bach mush have had a premonition of Peacebang and her concern for Little Compton when he was inspired to write Sheep May Safely Graze.


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